• Dish Network / HBO


    Dish Network, in partnership with HBO, created this piece to promote a limited time offer for their satelite services. It features a cutout window through which a small, "teaser" portion of the image can be seen, and opens to reveal the Whole Picture.


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    Dish Network / HBO


Direct Mail


Getting Noticed

Think about what it would take for a piece of Direct Mail to grab your attention and cause you to read it? Advertisers only have a few seconds to grab the attention of an intended recipient wading through a pile of mail. Peeking those interests can be a challenging task for marketers in todays fast paced climate. Direct Mail may be seen as old-school but it has the tremendous advantage of putting a physical object in the customer’s hands. That moment is an important bridge towards taking the action desired by the marketer. Direct Mail must stand-out either by physical appearance, message or offer. At Dimensional Products, we are focused on creating compelling and eye-catching Direct Mail to make your message stand out and get the attention it needs.